Monday, May 25, 2020

ZK Gano-Poly Capsule

(Coriolous Versicolor-Yungzhi Polysaccharide)
Code: SINO-ZK 04 | Sino-Sci ZK


If you are suffering from the discomforts caused by poor immune system or suffering from some certain type of discomforts caused by liver disorders, Sino-Sci ZK Gano-Poly capsule might be considered the best Liver Soothe, or Liver-Cleaner product of choice by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the leading Chinese official health organization (SFDA). How Sino-Sci Ganopoly (Ling Yun) capsules might help:

  • May Help to clean toxins from your daily food and internally cleaning the bowels.
  • May help to relieve fatigue by restoring the internal energy “Qi” in order to maintain a better liver function.
  • May help to boost the body’s natural ability of healing, allowing the body’s natural defenses to fight liver discomforts.
  • May help to protect the liver from chemical damages, thus causing a person to feel better and healthier.

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