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People in our times not Lack of Nutrition but Body Balance

by ZHONGKE USA on October 24, 2011

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Author:           Dr. Tao Yu Zhang, an Ortho Molecular Medical theorist
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Dr. Zhang Tao Yu, an Ortho Molecular Medical theorist, a few days ago pointed out clearly in its special report: as society progresses, people’s living standard has been raised up, daily food have become plenty and rich, modern people is no longer shortage of nutrition, but easily lead to a large excess nutrients in body, which could cause the physiological system functions unbalanced. In fact, the majority of modern people do not lack nutrients, but missing a metabolic function that can absorb nutrition when body needs, and excrete it when body excess, this is the balancing function of the various physiological systems. Thus Balance is the essence of the health.  
A new concept of maintaining health: balancing is the essential of health.

Dr. Zhang thinks modern food have become plenty and rich, and people do not lack nutrition, but the difference is it lacks a metabolic function that can absorb nutrition when the body needs it, and excrete when it is in excess. In other words, various physiological systems of the body have not achieved equilibrium.

Dr. Zhang explained that this balance modified by modern medical sciences refers to the physiological body system functions in a stable state in coordinating the activities of life. It is the Ying & Yang balance regarded by Chinese Medical theory, and that of body material acid-base balance regarded by Western medical science. It is a complex dynamic equilibrium. On one hand, the body functions of various physiological systems are affected by external environments, such as emissions, waste water, chemicals and heavy metals etc, continuing abuse of the human body and breaking its balance; on the other hand, human beings, through its own variety of adjustment mechanisms automatically adjust and restore the body and constantly bring it back to balance. The physiological function of human body systems can maintain a long-term stable state, which is a state of equilibrium. Thus, the regular life activities can be carried out, and the human body can be in the healthiest state.

 In this sense, Dr. Zhang said: “Balance is the real essence of human health and longevity.”

92.5% of urban humans have imbalance of bodily functions

The survey shows 92.5% of urban human body functions are imbalance. Dr. Zhang pointed out that the main reason for the imbalance of human body is pollution.

On the one hand, body system equilibrium state is affected by external environment, every day we are eating a lot of food that are affected by pesticides, feed, chemical fertilizers, hormones and other organic substances which have contaminated fruits and vegetables, fish; inhaling a large amount of vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions etc, cause our body systematic physiological functions to be affectedly injured in a varying degree.

On the other hand, body system equilibrium state is also affected by the internal environmental impacts. High efficient and fast-paced urban people feel more and more pressure to work and live; long period of mental stress and depression can make one more vulnerable to endocrine system and nervous system disorders, and further more lead to other system functions imbalance.

For an instance, China Shenzhen is a young and highly competitive city; people in Shenzhen are faced with work, family, life and other aspects of pressure, the major physiological systems of the body are more susceptible to break the body’s equilibrium state. Once the physiological functions of human body is out of balance, health state is in the red light.


Imbalances in the six systems are hazards to health

 Dr. Zhang pointed out there are six physiological system functions  in human body that make it easy to lose balance, which are digestive system, endocrine system, blood circulation system, nervous system, immune system and metabolic system. The imbalances in these six systems can cause multiple injuries to human health.
1. Digestive system imbalance can cause stomach pain, stomach acid, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and other chronic digestive disorders.

2. Endocrine system function imbalance can cause women to have stains, acne, facial pigmentation, dark eye circles, bad breath, dysmenorrheal, irregular menstruation, breast tenderness, uterine and ovarian function decline and other symptoms; and cause men’s hypersecretion of sebaceous gland, prostate swelling, fatigue and other symptoms.

3. The blood circulatory imbalance may cause cardio-cerebral vascular diseases to occur, such as “three high” symptoms (high blood fat, high blood viscosity, high cholesterol) and so on.

4. Nervous system imbalance may cause insomnia, dizziness, irritability, memory loss, and depression symptoms and so on.

5. Immune system imbalance may cause sore throat, mouth ulcers, poor health, frequent colds, hepatitis infection, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases.

6. Metabolic system functional imbalance may lead to rough skin, more wrinkles, bigger belly, obesity or weight loss and hair loss, as well as premature white and grey hair to occur and so on.

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