Friday, December 9, 2022

Sino-Sci ZK Uric Clean Capsules

10  Uric Clean (1)Overview:

If you are suffering from the discomforts caused by high urine acid and gout, or suffering from some certain type of disorders caused by chronic high urine acid, Sino-Sci Urine  Clean capsules might be considered as one of the safest product of choice as noted by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the leading Chinese official health organization (SFDA). This product is made of 100% natural finest quality herbs and fruits extracts, such as Tibetan snow lotus, corn stigma (silk), Proflavanol, Black Cherry. It is Caffeine Free, and has no any interaction with your clinic treats.

How Sino-Sci Urine Cleanse capsules might help?  It

  • may help to relieve the disorders caused by too much uric acid in your blood.
  • may help the body’s uric acid cleansing process without damaging kidney system.
  • may protect the vitality of pancreas & spleen system.
  • may relieve the pains caused gout.
  • may assist in maintaining healthy uric acid levels and over all well-being.

Direction:  as a dietary supplement, take 2  capsules each time, twice a day.